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Show Bloom

Gives your animal the “bloom” of good nutritional health!

Available at Republic Mills, Inc., Show Bloom is the exclusive, high protein blend of brewer’s dried yeast, the milk protein of whey, and essential vitamins and minerals designed to meet up to the special growth and stress needs of the show animal. The Emmert Grain Company has based their development of this superior product on their experience Bloom will:

– Produce outstanding hair growth and quality with richer coloration
– Assist in developing healthy skin condition
– Increase your animal’s appetite and feed utilization
– Help to maintain and/or increase weight and muscling
– Improve hoof and nail condition

Feeding Instructions:

Beef & dairy – 8-10 ozs. per day Swine – 6 oz. per day Horses – 8-10 ozs. per day

Sheep and goats – 4 0z. per day Rabbits and other small animals – 1 oz. per day

Other Emmert Grain products available at Republic Mills, Inc. are BGY 28 and BGY 35. For more information on Show Bloom and BGY visit The F. L. Emmert Grain website at www.emmert.com.