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Custom Pelleting

Republic Mills Inc. has been able to adapt to the changing times by meeting our customers needs. We are diversified enough to be able to custom manufacture your special formula at a competitive price. We have the capabilities to pellet, crumble, or cube your formulation as you may specify. We have access to highly qualified nutritionists to help you formulate almost any product. Please contact our Production Manager Derek Damman at [email protected] with any questions.


Republic Mills, Inc. covers an 80-mile radius from Okolona, Ohio, which includes Indiana and Michigan. We have 15-ton bulk trucks and 7 hopper trailers to deliver in this area. We pride ourselves in timely and convenient deliveries. By being a Regional Manufacturer we are able to do more specialty products and smaller deliveries with only a 6-ton minimum order. Please contact Derek at [email protected] with any transportation questions.

Delivering bulk or bag products with our fleet of semi’s is no problem. With our hopper bottom trailer we can haul up to 26 ton in bulk, a 28 foot or 45 foot van trailer is available for bag deliveries.



Republic Mills Inc. improved their operations with a new 25000 square foot warehouse in 2000. This enabled us to carry more inventory in the way of raw ingredients and finished products. We are also able to store bagged or toted products for quick and easy shipment. With the addition of this added space it gives Republic Mills the opportunity to purchase products in larger volumes at a reduced price and pass the savings on to our customers. Republic Mills is able to handle more by-products that may be used in your operation, so feel free to contact Derek at [email protected] for pricing on these types of ingredients.

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