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Organic Products for Lawn & Gardens

Alfalfa Meal50# bag – $11.80
Recommended for Roses *
Gentle Balance Fertilizer * Excellent source of Nitrogen * natural growth stimulants

AzomitePowder 44# bag – $20.91 | Granular Azomite 44# bag – $20.91
Increase nutrient uptake * Promote biological activity * Improves crop yield * Builds and corrects micronutrient deficiencies.

Blood Meal50# bag $26.13
A fast acting source of nitrogen * recommended for use on all crops once a year. * effective as a compost activator * a repellant for deer and squirrel.

Organic Pre-Emergence – Corn Gluten Crumbles (Turfect)
50# bag – $20.00
25# bag – $13.50
Pre-emergence Weed Control and Fertilizer for Lawn & Garden.

Cottonseed Meal
50# bag – $14.24
Excellent all purpose fertilizer recommended use for ornamentals. lawn & perennials * good for acid loving plants * use once a year.

Dolomite Lime
50# bag – $5.00
Fast acting for adjusting acidic soils * Rich source of natural magnesium and calcium * In acidic soil, use once a year on lawns or preparing planting beds * Use soil test to determine the soil’s need.

Epsom Salts / Magnesium Sulfate
50# bag – $30.75
Prevent or correct yellowing and stunting caused by lack of Magnesium * Supplies Sulfur and elements essential in plant proteins.

Feather Meal
50# bag – $16.38
Feather Meal (13-0-0) is a natural organic fertilizer that provides maximum benefits for plants requiring a steady long lasting supply of nitrogen * Great fertilizer for fall because of it’s slow breakdown ratio * Excellent Lawn Fertilizer!

Fish Meal
50# bag – $40.20
Fish Meal (10-2-2) is an excellent natural fertilizer for soil building, or general fertilization * Because Fish Meal takes 30 – 60 days to breakdown in the soil. it is a safe, dependable source of nutrients* One of the oldest and best fertilizers in the world!

Fossil Flour / Diatomaceous Earth (Red)
40# bag – $15.14
No Harm to the environment * It is totally organic and safe * Kill pests by physical action, not chemically.

Kelp Meal
50# bag – $59.55
Source of Fast potash (potassium) * recommended as a supplement to all garden applications * Use only once a year to avoid build-up.

Organic Poultry Compost
50# bag – $10.93
All-purpose. all natural, organic fertilizer from poultry manure * Great for vegetables, flowers or herbs & house plants * This will not burn young transplants.

Cooked Bone Meal-Porcine Derived
50# bag – $14.05
A good source of phosphorous also contains calcium. * Used as a bulb food * Promotes healthy root systems.

Sulfur (Granulated)
50# bag – $38.35
Use Sulfur to lower the solids PH * Helps ensure best growing conditions for acid-loving plants.

Sunflower Hull Ash 0-5-35
50# bag – $24.25
Sunflower Hull Ash provides an exceptional source of organic phosphate and potassium. Contains 8% calcium, 6% magnesium, 3% sulphur with a pH 10. It’s naturally high pH is beneficial for flowers and perennials when mixed with compost and other organic potting materials.

Worm Castings
1 cu ft. bag – $28.00
Provides an abundance of available nutrients and moisture holding capabilities.
Improves soil structure.